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Linda Wheeler

Linda Wheeler's paintings have been acclaimed by art collectors and critics for more than two decades. Her work is known for its rich colors, its mastery of architectural detail, and the joyous play of light and shadow across every scene. Linda Wheeler

She has often chosen "the dream that is New Orleans" as her subject. This city of many cultures and legends, where past and present meet, is unique among American cities, calling the visitor back to a world of charm, beauty and leisure seldom seen today. Linda Wheeler's work is included in public, private and corporate collectyions throughout the world.

Some art is a punch in the solar plexus. Some is a light touch on the hand. My aim is to press those points that connect to places of "memory and desire," as T.S. Eliot put it. Those places exist on a different plane from day-to-day reality, but they are ever-present, informing and deepening our whole experience of being alive.

Linda's New Orleans Prints